Here is a list of workshops that can be delivered in person to individuals or small groups. The workshops are the basis for webinars and online courses with the main difference being that they are held face-to-face and not remotely (via Zoom) or prerecorded.

In-person workshops offer opportunities for learning and networking that are harder to accomplish in a virtual group. If you are within a reasonable distance it’s definitely worth coming along! Otherwise, if you would like host a workshop at your property or have a suitable venue I am happy to discuss that with you.

Introduction to SEO

This workshop is aimed at anyone with very little grounding in SEO who has a website and wants to know how to improve it’s search engine visibility.

Topics covered include SEO essentials, hints and tips for writing optimised content in your blogs and pages, what Google wants from your website, what your clients want from your website, and dos and don’ts of website links.

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Scheduled Dates

  • Tuesday, May 17th 2022 from 10h30 – 12h (Zoom)

Formatting Pages and Posts in WordPress

This workshop shows you how to use the Gutenberg block editor to add text and images in an SEO-friendly way to your website. You will learn how to create new blocks, use plugins to add additional functionality, and also edit existing blocks.

This is a great introduction for anyone new to WordPress or who has recently moved away from the Classic Editor OR who is considering changing from a page builder-based theme (using Beaver Builder or WP Bakery) for a lightweight Gutenberg-based WordPress theme.

Scheduled Dates

  • TBD

SEO-friendly Design in Wix

This workshop will show you how to make sure you are creating websites in Wix in an SEO-friendly way. We’ll look at Styles, mobile-friendly layouts, and the built in SEO features to use on each page and post – plus a few things to watch out for!

Scheduled Dates

  • TBD